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Every first weekend of November, I try to make it to Philadelphia Miniaturia, the largest miniature show on the East Coast.  Here are some of the coolest miniatures on offer this weekend!


A Christmas stand by Carl Bronsdon


Another Christmas stand


Shoe display by Doll's Cobbler

Raincoat and other shoes

Flowers by Artistic Florals

Love this arrangement

Patisserie scene by JoAnne Roberts

Alice in Wonderland Scene by JoAnne Roberts


Old lady doll by Fern Nasi

Her needlepoint


Finally, here are my purchases at the fair (photographed in their new home, aka my dollhouse):

Pink Galoshes from Doll's Cobbler

A mint whistling kettle

The old lady doll to the right.  I love her black lace veil.

And the fabric cameo

And her gloves, black pocket book and engagement ring

And here's another picture of her walking with a pram and one of the two dogs of the house, Gossamer


Hope you like these!



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