More Pics From My Trip posted on May 19 2015 in Chinese Embroidery, Suzhou Embroidery, Taipei

Here are some other pictures from my trip :)

Back in Taipei

The cafe cat in Shenzhen

A pretty embroiderer (from Shenzhen)

Her Work

Wedding robe of a Chinese warlord/politician (袁世凱)'s fourth daughter (at Suzhou Museum).  This came with a red embroidered skirt. 


I was pretty blown away by this set of embroidered cuffs

A blurry picture of the detail of the cuffs

A rabbit ornament.  This would be perfect for my sister, a bunny. 

A Gleaming Lotus

Embroidered gold fish

Bamboo Fans with woven tapestry centers

An embroidery of famous calligraphy in process

Early Mother's Day






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