A Dream Dress posted on January 26 2016 in Chinese Embroidery

I've been meaning to share images of this incredible Qing dynasty dress from a family friend's collection for a long time but have not gotten around to doing it... Apart from the profusion of embroidery motifs, the copper red background fabric, somewhat transparent and loosely woven with a pattern, also seems like a kind of fabric that has been lost in time.  I am not sure but I would think the dress belonged to a Manchurian noble woman in the 19th century.  Below I share images of the dress and some historical photos showing women wearing its like.  

Collar Detail

Full View

 Embroidered cuff

 The dress on a Ming Dynasty bed

 Mother of the last Empress (朗贝勒府五格格爱新觉罗·恒馥)

 Lady Zhen, the favorite of Emperor Guanxu(珍妃)

 The last empress (center)  (婉容)

 The last empress (婉容)

 A cousin of the last empress (完顏立童記)


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