My Grodnertal Doll posted on August 07 2015 in 19th century fashion, dolls 4 Comments

Hello!  Here are a few pics of a doll I modeled after grodnertals, peg wooden dolls that were made in Germany and the Netherlands around the early 19th century.  She is here posed in front of my dollhouse.   I made her dress from a pattern from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion called Snowshill Manor c. 1795-1800.  The description noted that "This half robe has been altered from a gown of c. 1780 and is interesting as an example of a transitional style."  I can definitely see the 18th century in the pleats in the skirt, and the coming 19th century in the empire waist! Bon Weekend!

 The description also noted: "Small loops from the inside of the bodice fasten over buttons on the rightside of the garment to give the neckline shape."



Maison Tulle (My Fashion Boutique Room Box) posted on March 17 2015 in Dollhouse Miniatures, dolls 4 Comments

I've been taking a fun room box class with the uber-talented Liz Lebosse (, who also did a fabulous job building my dollhouse.  I just finished the final details of the box, so I thought I would share the photos with you.  Liz is also offering classes from her studio in Poughkeepsie.  I would highly recommend it!

A few details about Maison Tulle...I imagined it as the boutique of a couturier by the name of Tulle in mid century Paris (but probably most of the period details here are not accurate).  In addition to the room box, I made the painting on the wall, the dress on the mannequin and the black leather handbag on the mantle.  The rest of the furnishings I collected throughout the years.  Hope you like the photos!


Side View

Front View

A Cream Satin Gown trimmed with ink-dipped feathers and a black leather handbag with gold clasp

Chandelier.  I tried wrapping the chain with beige ribbons.  I thought it turned out pretty reasonable.

Close up of the dress.  

Shop Letters




A Holiday Gift Guide posted on December 16 2014 in dolls, french fashion doll


If there happens to be a French fashion doll about 17-18 inches tall on your holiday list...

 I have a feeling that she would approve of any of the following items:

Sac de Voyage (Available at Mary Ann Spinelli)

White Rabbit Opera Cape with Green Silk Ribbon Ties (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

A Two-Tone Crocheted Hammock with Tassels (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

A Box of Toilette Items Including Comb, Powderpuff, Perfume Bottle (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

These dainty Red Leather Slippers with Scallops and Black Ribbon (Available at Mlle. Bereux)

A Papier-mache Chinoiserie Tray (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

And Finally, a silk lavender Pagoda shaped parasol complete with an ivory handle (Available at Mlle. Bereux)