A Holiday Gift Guide posted on December 16 2014 in dolls, french fashion doll


If there happens to be a French fashion doll about 17-18 inches tall on your holiday list...

 I have a feeling that she would approve of any of the following items:

Sac de Voyage (Available at Mary Ann Spinelli)

White Rabbit Opera Cape with Green Silk Ribbon Ties (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

A Two-Tone Crocheted Hammock with Tassels (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

A Box of Toilette Items Including Comb, Powderpuff, Perfume Bottle (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

These dainty Red Leather Slippers with Scallops and Black Ribbon (Available at Mlle. Bereux)

A Papier-mache Chinoiserie Tray (Available at Carmel Doll Shop)

And Finally, a silk lavender Pagoda shaped parasol complete with an ivory handle (Available at Mlle. Bereux)