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This week I thought I would share the work of Han XiMeng (韓希孟), one of my favourite embroiderers.  Although very little detail about her life has survived, we do know that she lived sometime in the 17th century and married into a household renowned for their ladies’ embroidery works, otherwise known as Gu Embroidery(顧綉).   Through her own training as a painter and her association with some of the finest calligraphers, painters and poets of the day, Han Ximeng further refined the marriage between painting and embroidery championed by her husband’s family, and her works were contemporaneously known as Lady Han Embroidery(韓媛綉).

Cloak Mending (补衮图)


Lakeside Stone and Butterflies (湖石花蝶)

 Autumn Song of the Cicadas (络纬鸣秋)

Swimming Fish (游鱼)

Peony (牡丹图)

 Hyacinth Beans and Dragonflies (扁豆蜻蜓)

Deer (瑞鹿图)