Queen of the Flowers-My Japanese Embroidery Phase VIII posted on March 31 2015 in Japanese Embroidery

This week I wanted to share with you photos of my new Japanese Embroidery piece.  It's a Japanese Embroidery Center Phase VIII piece called Queen of the Flowers, and depicts a branch with three peonies in various stages of bloom by the techniques of fuzzy effect, which technique, according to my Japanese Embroidery textbook, is considered "the most dignified" of all Japanese Embroidery techniques.

My other Japanese Embroidery text book indicates that the technique of fuzzy effect was selected because it best conveys the stateliness and refinement of peonies, long considered the Queen of Flowers. 

Here's the piece in its entirety.  Prior to stitching this piece, it was recommended that I decide where the source of light is coming from, and this decision would impact the colors and shading of the motifs.  I decided the top right corner.  To highlight this, I photographed this in the evening with a lamp shining from the top right corner as well. 

Peony #1 in Full Bloom

Peony #2 (slightly more faded) in full bloom

Peony #3 in half bloom.  Re-did this peony in its entirety twice and various parts of it multiple times ;_;

A multitude of leaves, one fading after the other

The Peony branch in daylight


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